ICEA Lion Group needed a digital platform that would do away with the manual and tedious process of onboarding clients and claims requests which involved a lot of paperwork. We suggested to them an agent app that could give them the edge they needed to compete for new business and serve your current customers with superior service with convenience and great portability.

We seamlessly integrated ICEA Lion’s systems and streamlined the workflow which allowed agents to onboard clients swiftly, collect payments and process claims instantly using a smart phone/tablet. This has led to cost reduction, all while increasing compliance and reducing the time to complete key interactions and transactions. Basically, the insurance agents are connected to the office round the clock.

The Application runs on both Android and iOS. We have also provided an admin portal for management of the agents and consumer accounts. 

Features of the App

  • Onboard new customers
  • Create customers quotes 
  • Create proposals 
  • Calculate premiums 
  • Generate policy documents 
  • Generate certificate and view certificate status 
  • Create and save new prospects 
  • View account statement, that is sales, commissions, 
  • View claims and claim status
  • View products being offered by the insurance underwriter 
  • Buy insurance products 
  • View all policies and their status 
  • Files claims and view claim status
  • Pay for premiums 
  • View statement of a policy
  • Request for service on the App