Housing Finance (HFC) Whizz Mobile Banking Platform

Housing Finance, which as predominantly a mortgage provider, decided to set their eyes on the Banking Retail market. They rebranded to HFC and opened Retail Banking. How does a new entrant, like HFC, roll out banking and acquire customers without having to incur the huge capital investment of building open brick and mortar banking halls all over the country.

HFC decided to embark on Digital transformation journey, and they tapped Kocela to be their main partner on this journey.

We set to build a world-class Digital experience that does not focus on the banks’ products, but rather was built around various use-cases representing customer needs.

This experience, dubbed HF Whizz, was launched in 2017 and within just 6 months, we had opened more than 600K new accounts. The platform was quite phenomenal and was recognized across the industry: HF won the CIO Digital Company Award, the HF CIO at the time (George Njuguna) as awared the CIO of the Year East Africa.

 Features of the HF Whizz platform includes:

  • Mobile Banking-Savings
  • Bill Payments
  • Money Transfer-Include Pesalink
  • Mobile Lending
  • Access Channels: Apps – Android/ iOS, USSD, Web